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Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Do you have a hunt club? Are you looking for additional protection against unforeseen risks you could be held legally liable for?

Rest easy because there's help.

Through a partnership between the Ohio Forestry Association and Outdoor Underwriters, LLC, members can now purchase hunting lease liability insurance that provides excellent coverage at an affordable price. For less than the price of a new tree stand, you can protect your hunt club, all of its members and guests, and even the landowner with a $1 million policy.

Why do I need it?

With more than 20 million participants each year, hunting is a remarkably safe outdoor sport. However, OFA members can still benefit from the additional protection of owning hunting lease liability insurance. Many landowners now require liability coverage as part of a lease, and it's just the safe thing to do.

What does it cover?

This hunting lease liability program provides policyholders with $1 million of insurance coverage per occurrence and $2 million aggregate per hunting club limit. There's no deductible and it provides member-to-member and guest liability coverage. This hunting lease liability program has been in place for more than 20 years and is insured through Lloyd's of London − the world's oldest and largest insurer.

What does it cost?

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